About Us
One Smart Move, Makes a Universal Difference

Making Consumers Carbon Conscious, one smart move at a time.

The world is becoming a far more riskier place to live than to enjoy the beauty of nature with the changing climate. This is largely due to accelerated environmental changes and connectedness of societies and economies with far accelerated supply chains. This results in auto correct mechanisms of earth or healing of nature slowing down, although it was a continuous process that made the blue planet – “EARTH” - alive for billions of years in the past.

Who We Are?

STARZero is part of SMARTZero family of products which is a powerful platform to tackle the largest segment in people’s life that is commutation. Transportation is one of the largest greenhouse gas emitters in the economy segment and we are bringing in to take action to live life in a carbon responsible manner.

STARZero platform brings in the functions of carbon tracking on the Carbon emissions through 'My carbon footprint' integral to individuals and business, while providing view on the emissions and offsetting through natural solutions for individuals and various industries. Fundamentally, we operate in the manner where we bring in the ‘carbon conscious’ core in our consumers’ everyday lives of commuting in their own vehicles.


What We Do?

At STARZero, we believe in Environmental, Social and Governance with Net Zero and Carbon offset in our hearts and minds. We are building accountability and responsibility for each and every consumer to directly contribute for carbon neutrality, and further incentives and promoting Net Zero initiatives as an early mover in traditional and online business, and including for individual consumers in the second largest segment of carbon emissions (CO2) which is transport. And thus, be honest in bringing change actions and bring in genuine inclusiveness in society to join carbon free economy

At STARZero, Our unique proposition is “We bring responsibility and accountability to each and every consumer of ours for Carbon Neutrality during the transition to Net Zero”.

Around the world, transport contributes 24% of CO2 which is totalling to 8 billion tonnes Co2. Of which the Road passengers which is Road transport is of 45.1%(C.2.0 billion tonnes of Co2 emissions)


Empowering You for Climate positive

You as an individual or enterprise to be socially and environmentally responsible can assess the carbon emissions by measuring CO2 greenhouse gas emissions on various activities such as energy consumption, transportation and other spheres of life using fossil fuel – Petrol, Diesel – for every day necessities of living.

We at STARZero uniquely positioned only in transport in which we enable you to track and assess the defined standard Co2 emissions(CO2) of cars and bikes and encourage you make responsible and intelligent choices such as walking, carpooling, cycling, public transport or using electric vehicles as you neutralise the carbon emissions through your traditional ways of driving cars and bikes by joining our family.

More and more you can adopt to electric vehicles accelerate the sustainable energy transition enabling the country and world to Net zero.


STARZero also enables you to attain carbon offset credits to neutralise the unavoidable carbon emissions as you drive your cars or bikes. Carbon offset means involving you indirectly for the tonnes of Co2 emissions(CO2) by investing or funding approved reforestation, deforestation, other renewable climate projects set by standards.